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Monogrammed Baby Blankets

Monogrammed baby blankets make the perfect gift for the new baby (or parents, depending on how you want to look at it) in your life. Our plush and oh-so-soft monogrammed baby blankets are made from Minky – a fabric much softer than fleece and one that babies absolutely love. It’s the perfect fabric for snuggling, smooshing, bundling, and rubbing between those tiny baby fingers.

Long Lasting

Monogrammed baby blankets are a gift that will last a lifetime. The Minky fabric, even though amazingly soft, is tough, durable, and stain resistant. With the baby’s name and birthdate sewn right on the blanket, monogrammed baby blankets make the perfect keepsake. What child doesn’t love a blanket that’s personalized just for them!


Call It What You Want

Whether they call it a blankie, lovie, silkie, or even just “B,” every little one has a favorite blanket that goes everywhere they go. We all had one when we were younger too, and some of us may even still have ours packed away in a box somewhere. Our Minky monogrammed baby blankets are built to withstand all that they are put through – tug-of-wars, bundling and unbundling, repeat washings, and being dragged across every surface imaginable. Give the gift that lasts with a monogrammed baby blanket.

Bait and Switch

When those cheapie baby blankets (you know, the ones we all buy in the 3-pack at the store when we’re in a rush to find something to cover the baby with) fall apart from being washed too many times or dragged around too much, consider getting Minky monogrammed baby blankets instead. We know you can’t always ditch the original blankie once the little ones have become attached to it, but sometimes we get lucky and can slowly trade them out with a baby blanket that’s much more snuggly and comforting.

monogrammed baby blankets

If you know of baby blanket that’s seen better days, why not order a completely personalized monogrammed baby blanket made of the softest yet toughest material around? Get your monogrammed baby blankets today!

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