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Monogrammed Blankets

Monogrammed blankets are a pretty cool and universal item. They can be bought to match your couch, match your décor, or match the overall theme of any room, and they can also be bought as gifts for just about any occasion or reason you can think of. Make your blanket even warmer by personalizing it with a name, initials, special date, or anything else you can think of.
Monogrammed Blankets by The Minky Moon

Ideas for Monogrammed Blankets

  • Birthdays – monogrammed with name and birthdate
  • Holidays – use holiday colors for fabric and monogram a special message
  • Graduations – monogrammed with congratulatory message and graduation date/year
  • Weddings/Anniversaries – match the fabric colors to the couple’s new décor and monogrammed with date and last name
  • Bridal Showers – monogram with a silly ‘single’ or ‘freedom’ message/joke
  • Baby Showers – match baby’s room décor and monogram name, initials, and birth year
  • Christenings – simple pastel colors work well here with monogrammed name/initials and date
  • Housewarmings – match colors with new décor and monogram with last name and special message
  • Well Wishes – monogram with messages such as ‘stay strong,’ ‘be brave,’ and other words of encouragement or even life quotes
  • Appreciations – monogram with ‘thank you’ or ‘amazing friend’ message

As you can see, the possibilities for monogrammed blankets are endless, and this list is just a starter for ideas. The only limit is your own imagination.

Certain types of businesses can even use monogrammed blankets around the office. They can be customized with their business logo, name, and/or colors to be used in lounge areas for employees or guests, whichever is applicable. Monogrammed blankets also make great gifts for athletes – they can be customized with their school colors and taken to games when it’s cold outside or be used to have a comfy place to sit on the grass (cheerleaders in particular will appreciate this because then the grass can’t irritate their skin).

The Fun and Easy Process

When you choose The Minky Moon to make your monogrammed blankets, you get to personalized each and every step of the process. We’ve made that process quick, easy, fun, and painless. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your blanket size – each size will tell you how many people it will comfortably cover
  2. Choose your back fabric – you can choose from solids, prints, or satin
  3. Choose your front fabric – you can choose from solids or prints
  4. Choose your trim – you can choose from flat, satin (solids and prints), or no trim
  5. Choose your personalized message/text

The best part is, you get to see exactly what your blanket will like (and see the price – separated by per step and total) as you make changes. It couldn’t be any easier to order your fully customized, made in the USA, perfectly comfy Minky blanket.

Design your monogrammed blankets at The Minky Moon today!

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