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Personalized Baby Blankets

Everyone loves a nice soft blanket. Even better than a nice soft blanket is a nice soft personalized baby blanket. At the Minky Moon, we happen to specialize in personalized baby blankets. Our name comes from the high quality, oh-so-soft-to-the-touch fabric that we use to make our personalized baby blankets – Minky. Fleece used to be the popular choice of fabric for baby blankets, but Minky is softer and thicker than fleece and has now become the more popular option.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Not sure what to get the little ones for birthdays or holidays? Personalized baby blankets are perfect for any occasion, and it doesn’t have to be cold for the recipient to enjoy them. Our personalized baby blankets are made for tiny fingers to snuggle and tote anywhere and everywhere. Minky is an extremely durable fabric. It is fade and stain resistant and provides unbeatable warmth and comfort.

Personalized Baby Blankets Minky Moon

Baby Showers

Personalized baby blankets are also the perfect gift for new parents-to-be. If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, you’ve probably seen a lot of the same baby items being gifted to the mom. Things like diapers, baby wipes, clothes, and store-bought baby blankets are popular choices, but what do you get when you want to offer the mom-to-be something better? Personalized baby blankets, of course. They’ll not only be ecstatic to receive a baby blanket softer than they can ever imagine, but when they see their baby’s name embroidered on it too, they will know that you put love and thought into their gift.

Any One, Any Time

Warm and comfort your baby in luxurious style with The Minky Moon’s personalized baby blankets. While you’re at it, why not pick up one for yourself too; we have bigger blankets available ideal for the couch, road trips, or just letting your inner child snuggle with amazing comfort.

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