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Personalized Minky Baby Blanket

Are you looking for a personalized Minky baby blanket for a new mom-to-be? If so, The Minky Moon is here to make you a one-of-a-kind personalized Minky baby blanket for just the occasion.

Match Any Theme

The great thing about a personalized Minky baby blanket is that because they are completely customized baby blankets, you can order them to match any theme. Blue theme, check. Pink theme, check. Jungle theme, check. Minky baby blankets are also the softest, snuggliest baby blankets money can buy.

Completely Customizable

A personalized Minky baby blanket can be customized any way you want to include a name, birthdate, special message, or anything else. When designing your personalized Minky baby blanket, you have the following options to choose from:

  • Minky baby blanket size (from newborn to adult sizes made for two)
  • Different fabric colors and textures for each side (solids, prints, or satin)
  • Satin trim (flat, ruffles, or none)
  • Personalization (optional, up to 3 lines – also choose font and thread color)

Personalized Minky Baby Blanket - The Minky Moon

See it Every Step of the Way

One of the best parts about the process is that you can see a preview of your personalized Minky baby blanket throughout each step, and you can easily go back and edit any step at any time. This feature allows you to play around with different colors and designs until you get your personalized Minky baby blanket just the way you want it.


In addition to comfort, Minky baby blankets have other benefits as well. They are extremely easy to care for and are fade and stain resistant. No more worrying about how many times you’ve already had to wash the brand new baby blanket or those baby food carrots that got streaked across it as it was being used as a napkin. Your personalized Minky baby blanket will survive!

Personalized Minky Baby Blanket – The Minky Moon | Order Minky Baby Blankets Online
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